How to Use One Article to Generate Money Five Ways

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Would you like to know one of my winning formulas on making money online from writing articles? This is how I do it: I write an article creating four or five versions of it, I then sell them for use by other writers in the same profession. In fact, that one part of my writing business helps generate enough income to nearly support myself and my family comfortably. Nearly anyone in almost any profession or business can duplicate this formula.

I write articles for CEO's, life coaches and business executives. They all use different versions of one of my articles in their newsletters, with their names in the byline. When anyone purchases an article, they get reprint rights, but not exclusivity. But since they are in all parts of the country, and the world, they don't bump into other people using nearly the same article. They are also free to change the article to fit their needs.

This formula can be used in nearly any industry. Let's say you train pilots. You know a lot about flying, and about your clients. You can easily write articles that appeal to your customers who are aspiring pilots. You may already write and publish a regular newsletter with articles that appeal to your clients and potential clients.

What's to stop you from writing your article to suit the needs of other pilots who need to send out a newsletter? You post a brief synopsis of this article on your website for pilots, offering it to them for a small fee. They buy the reprint rights, and it gets used by hundreds of other pilots who want to save themselves a little time and energy on their own newsletters.

This is only one way of making money writing articles online, but here are four more ways, all from the same article.

Lets say this same article is revised several times in several lengths. It can be sold in three different lengths, for example, 1800 words to form a 4-page newsletter, 1200 words for a 2-page newsletter, and a 600-700 word article for electronic email. That makes just three more ways to sell the same article.

You also take that same article, change the title and make it more personal adding some your own experiences, include some of your personal details and website links. You can then submit it to article directories on the web.

This version of your article with your name on it gets picked up for free by other websites looking for simular content. Each time another website publishes your article on their site, they link back to your site. The more incoming links you generate to your website, the higher value the search engines give you.

This means your website will start coming up higher in the search engine rankings when people type in keywords in Google or one of the other search directories. That itself is the fifth way to make money from the same article. This last technique is more indirect. Your article starts being used for free, but the linking power will drive more and more new customers to your site.

Finally, you can use this same article, or any altered version of it on your website and blogs to attract new clients to you. Having quality content on your site and on your blogs will ensure that readers appreciate your expertise and use your services, or buy your products.

Here's a small bonus idea for making money from your articles: compile a small group of articles about the same topic(s), format them into a PDF e-book, and sell it on your website.

You notably have knowledge and expertise in your field that others would pay for in order to have quality content for their own newsletters. This method requires good writing skills, or you can hire a professional editor to help you. It also requires that you master the art of marketing on the web in order to reach potential buyers of your articles. To market them successfully, you can submit your articles to the many article directories on the Web, and quickly build traffic to your websites and blogs.